News: The Coach's Corner/Pre-Puberty

The Coach's Corner/Pre-Puberty

What a ballplayer does prior to puberty is no indicator of his future potential. Whether he plays 30

or 100 games a year has no bearing upon how much he knows abouthow to play the game. Hiring

the priciest private Instructor at age 10 will have no bearing upon how he performs at 14.

There is a mass hysteria that is driven by people that wish to make a buck that prey upon

parent's desires to help their kids succeed.  Ten year olds swinging $300 plus bats because they

might be able to hit a HR. $75 an hr PIs because if a 9 yr old doesn't learn proper rotation hitting

mechanics he won't make the elite 'travel' team and be shunted to the lower echelons of LL from

which he will never emerge. Imagine the pressure placed on a kid to succeed by the amount of

money and expectations that are being placed on a kid when his parents spend thousands of dollars

on lessons and equipment to facilitate a future and he doesn't get selected to that elite team.

The Coach

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